The following are some examples of engineered products used for different applications.

They have been modified and upgraded as needed over the years to be trouble free and efficient with respect to their
function and performance.



The Bihler safety link arm was designed to limit the maximum pressure
generated to the central mandrel movement of a Bihler RM-40. Its primary
function is to sense a pressure overload (which can be adjusted to suit
any application), and then trip a micro switch in either the compression
or extension movement of the link arm.

This custom safety link arm greatly enhances the safety and performance
of the Bihler RM-40. It essentially eliminates the risk of damage to the
machine’s casting or link arm components due to a malfunction or an error
in setting up. This unit significantly improves the machine’s reliability
and potential speed of production, allowing you to safely increase
performance with confidence.

The link arm assembly is easily installed and wired into the Bihler’s
existing sensor control loop. The exploded view of the Bihler RM-40
assembly can be seen here. The safety link arm replaces part number 35
in the drawing.

Broaching tooling designed to fit a U.S. Baird 4 slide machine, for light broaching of
metal strips prior to forming. The unit has a central lubrication module.

Medical hand press used to custom form metals implants. It is built to use interchangeable
tooling which is easily adjusted. Made of aluminum and stainless steel components.

Heavy duty hand bender is used to form sheet metal into cylindrical tubes. 
Quick acting cam lock holds the part down while bending the part round on
a central mandrel.  It makes quick work of cylinder forming.  Can be used
to form other metal forms.

Precision rotary slitter used to continuously shear thin gage steel strips or
sheets to precise width up to 4” wide.  Can handle mild steel to .062 thick.
Can be mounted on a table top.



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