Rapid Prototyping is a very important aspect of any product development. As such, Altech prides itself in the ability to review
the project details, making recommendations to enhance the performance or function ability of the intended product as well
reducing cost. This design review allows us to add as much value to the project as possible prior to actual manufacturing.

The components we manufacture are custom-made CNC components that may incorporate metal stamped and
assembled parts, or precision component assemblies.


Shown above are a variety of small precision prototypes. They include:
saddle and yoke assemblies, medical gages, medical instrument components, and specialized forming tools.

The technologies we use include but are not limited to the following:

SLA                         CNC Milling
Abrasive Water Jet                         CNC Turning
Laser Welding                         Form Griding
Laser Cutting                         Jig Griding
Laser Etching                         Cylindrical Grinding
Wire EDM                         Centerless Grinding
Conventional EDM                         Heat Treating
Metal Forming                         Tig Welding
Passivation                         MIG Welding
Electroplating Processes

Step: 1

Concept or drawing review: The initial stage of any prototyping takes place with an exchange of ideas or details about the
specific key elements desired. We have started projects with as little as a hand sketch on a bar napkin and as much as a
complete CAD file or part print exchange.

Step: 2

Parts Prints are completed: At this stage of the project a print is supplied detailing all the necessary features and their
tolerances, including special notes and instructions. At the end of this step, the customer must approve the working print
prior to release for quote and or production.

Step: 3

The work is released, or an RFQ is generated: Generally a quote with the pricing details and lead time is generated prior
to the start of the project. Once accepted, a purchase order is issue and the project can begin. In special circumstances
and relationships the work can begin as soon as possible due to time constrains.

Step: 4

Completion of the project: A detailed inspection report is generated with any and all desired certifications proving
compliance to dimensional and quality specifications. All inspections are recorded and traceable to NIST standars.

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